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4 Inch Enamelled Pipe

The Stoves Etc. Standard Fit Range of 4 inch (100mm) Vitreous Enamelled stove pipe is designed to work in harmony with appliances that have a 4 inch (100mm) flue outlet. The pipe is manufactured from laser welded steel and has a coating of vitreous enamel on the inside of the pipe giving a total thickness of 1.2mm. This range of pipes is produced to resist colour saturation even at the very high temperatures produced by a stove. Vitreous Enamelled pipe is supplied in an enamelled matt black finish across the range.

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Stoves Etc Standard Range of Vitreous Enamelled stove pipes can be used to create a complete internal flue system or to be connected to other flue components such as Flexible Chimney Liner or Twin Wall.
The components in the Stoves Etc. Standard Range stove pipe have been designed to be installed quickly, simply but safely. These particular pipes only have a male connection which must be installed facing downwards and this allows the pipe to be easily cut down to size from the top end. By connecting the parts together in the way described allows for debris and moisture to run back down the flue. The male connection is 50mm long and designed to push fit the connecting part. Please allow for this on all lengths and elbows.
For more information about stoves etc 4" Inch (100mm) vitreous enamelled standard fit flue pipe range do contact us for more information.