Lighting Your Stove


This advice is predominately for those customers who have never used any kind of wood burner before.

There are different ways to light a fire in a wood stove. There is no wrong way or right way to do it and we are sure that all the wood burning stove owners out there will have their own individual ways of lighting fires.

There is one particular factor in lighting a wood burning or multifuel stove that we at Stoves Etc. suggest is considered. If the only air supply is from beneath the grate then you will need to make sure that it is clear from ash and that the ash pan is empty.

Open the bottom air vents of the stove and open the flue damper if you have one. If you have no kindling, you can start with some pieces of paper and scrunch them into loose balls or 'knots' {roll up the paper, twist and tie into a knot} - try to avoid using paper that may contain toxins; 7 sheets of paper should be plenty to light the fire. Pile the balls of paper in the firebox with some small pieces of wood on top. We do supply long matches which provides extra safety. Do not use liquid fuel.

Alternatively to only using paper, use kindling which can be conveniently stored in a log basket. Or use dry seasoned pieces of firewood; hardwoods will be fine. The size of the pieces does not have to be precise. They can be laid on top of balls of paper. The idea behind doing this is that the flames should be able to get to every bit of wood. Light the paper in a couple of places at the bottom and when they are alight close the door of the stove.

When the wood/kindling is alight and the fire is building, you can put larger pieces of wood into the stove. Place them on top of the fire. Don't completely fill the firebox with wood. We recommend for small to medium sized stoves, burning only 3 large pieces of wood at a time. Now you can reduce the air supply slightly but obviously aim to maintain a good flame in the stove whilst not letting the fire smoulder or go out completely. If the stove has air vents at the top of the stove then close down the air vents at the bottom and only open those at the top.

We hope this basic guide helps you finding out the best way to light your wood burning stove; if you have any questions feel free to telephone us on 0844 6651680 or email us at