Ventillation Kits (Air Bricks)

Wall Ventilation Kits (also categorised under the term 'Air Bricks') from Stoves Etc. are a necessity if you are planning to install a wood burning or multi fuel stove above 5kw in your room. You need to install wall ventilation to ensure that there is a good amount of oxygen intake into the room you are installing the stove in. Our Ventilation (Air Brick) kits allow you to easily ensure great ventilation for your wood burning stove.

In addition, these Wall Ventilation Kits are made for the purpose of supplying fresh air to a room; Wall Ventilation Kits can fill a room with fresh air and eliminates the need to open windows where dust, street noise and smells can come into the house. It also helps eliminate the leakage of heat in the winter time by having to open a window or a window vent and thereby also reduces the cost of additional heating of the room.