Wood Burners, Log Stoves and Multi Fuel Burners

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Wood burners, Log stoves and multi fuel burners

We provide a range of wood burners and flues to suit everyone’s requirements. They range from multi fuel burners which are run using a variety of fuels. The multi fuel burners also run on our recommended fuel eco logs; they are recycled wood that burn at an efficient rate which makes it environmentally friendly and economical.

Flue kits, chimney liners and accessories

If your home already has a chimney and you are not sure if it is sound, the easiest way to install wood burning stoves is to purchase a flexible chimney liner; it installs into any chimney and is an easy process. If there isn’t a chimney in your home a steel flue can run through your house. Or along an exterior wall, click here to find out more about wood burners.

From Small Cast Iron wood burning Stoves to freestanding contemporary wood burners

Our range of multi fuel burners and wood burners will suit a wide range of tastes. Our traditional wood burning stoves can be a welcome addition to your home and be kinder the environment than a chimney fire. Several of our multi fuel burners and wood burners can be enamelled to give a stylish touch to your wood burners as well as help cleanliness. Our modern range can help provide warmth to your home and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Environmental benefits

All our wood burning stoves and multi fuel burners are regulated and CE certified. Efficient and environmentally friendly heat source for your home when used with our eco logs.

Further information on wood burning stoves and multi fuel burners

For more information click here to our article section to learn all you need on wood burning stoves and flues. If you have any enquiries about wood burning stoves and flues don’t hesitate to contact us here.